The Difference

difference2MA’WAA HOMES aims not to just provide a respectful accommodation to orphans but also equip them with professional education, Islamic education and to groom them with Islamic values and Social ethics enabling them to play a positive and constructive role in society.

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Tears of Orphan



Life at Ma'waa Homes

Clock BlueAt Ma'waa Homes, children spend their 24 hours in a discipline according to a schedule purposely prepared to balance their time in all healthy and productive activities along with the school and Islamic education.

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AlhamduLillahMa'waa Homes Karachi Model Campus-1 has now completed an year of successful operations with 50 orphans and abandoned children housed on its premises.

The children belongs to families residing in different areas of the city and from different cultural backgrounds due to which at Ma'waa Homes there are children representing almost every province of the country. Thus, the management of Ma'waa Homes fulfilled its commitment of giving chance to everyone on merit basis. Some details of the children are given below:

1. Age Group

Ages of the children are from 7 years to 11 years. We restrict the admissions to this certain age group to better manage and to avoid disorders.


2. Categories

Majority of the children at Ma'waa Homes are orphans who have lost their fathers at this very early age, rest are the children who have lost their mothers and their fathers have no time for them or have arranged second marriage for them leaving these innocents in the hands of others. Some children belong to split families where they suffered the consequences of divorce between their parents.

3. Family Background

Majority of the children belong to the families living below poverty line and their mothers work whole day in factories or washing dishes at home to hardly feed their children. Obviously, they can not afford to provide any education to their children and due to work load and tough routine they even are unable to look after their children. Children when admitted are of adverse moral state and are too far from social and Islamic values.

4. Cultural Background

Ma'waa Homes has children from almost every cultural backgrounds of the country which includes Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Pushto etc. At Ma'waa Homes we have the representation of the whole country and the communication language is 'Urdu'.

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