The Difference

We see terrible things around us.

Bare footed children shivering with cold, running with wipers to clean wind screens of our cars, in a desperate hope to get one or two rupees for their food, but we don’t let them to do so.

Yes, they are dirty, their wipers are dirty, we can€™t stand them, but do we listen to their unsaid words

€œPlease get me a loaf of bread€.

No, often we don€™t.

We detach our-selves from what we see; perhaps we protect ourselves from suffering the pain of feel. Other factors also contribute and the resulting effect on us is to eventually shutdown the part of us that is able to feel entirely. We lose the ability to love unconditionally, care for others and for ourselves. We focus on our work and our interest, look for entertainment and engage in distractions rather than to face the bitter truth, the world we live in and our place and role in it.


The Difference:

MA'€™WAA HOMES aims not to just provide a respectful accommodation to orphans but also equip them with professional education, Islamic education and to groom them with Islamic values and Social ethics enabling them to play a positive and constructive role in society.

Join Hands With MA'WAA HOMES:

MA'€™WAA HOMES is offering its plans to open your mind and hearts to the extreme sufferings so many children endure every day and to provide relief where ever possible - An obligation of a Muslim and human being is to be reminded.

MA'€™WAA HOMES is currently operating a "Karachi Model Campus -1", an orphanage providing home for 50 children.

The "Karachi Model Campus -1" is a model to be replicated throughout the country as MA'€™WAA  HOMES chain of orphanages.