The Difference

difference2MA’WAA HOMES aims not to just provide a respectful accommodation to orphans but also equip them with professional education, Islamic education and to groom them with Islamic values and Social ethics enabling them to play a positive and constructive role in society.

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Tears of Orphan



Life at Ma'waa Homes

Clock BlueAt Ma'waa Homes, children spend their 24 hours in a discipline according to a schedule purposely prepared to balance their time in all healthy and productive activities along with the school and Islamic education.

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At Ma'waa Homes we try to provide our children with an atmosphere none other than home, for this we provide them with all those facilities which other children are blessed with at their homes.

1. Lodging & Boarding:

BedRoomMa'€™waa Homes Karachi is built to accommodate 50 children comfortably providing them with all basic needs and necessities. Children are accommodated on sharing basis.

2. Study Room:


A Study Room has been furnished on campus to facilitate the children with studying facilities including white board, study tables and all necessary stationary to provide comfortable study environment.


3. Medical Care & Assistance:

Medical Asst

Realizing the sensitivity of medical issues under young children, Ma'waa Homes has arranged a permanent physician who visits the campus on alternate days to address the suffering children. Routine Medicines are made available at Ma'waa Homes on-campus “Medicine Stock”  and a First Aid Box is ever ready to treat in emergencies.

4. Security & Safety:

CCTVFor security and safety of the children and staff necessary measures has been taken including CCTV Video Surveillance and guard.



5. Exercise & Recreation:

PicnicFor physical and mental growth and development of the children rooftop has been converted into 3 courts for Valley Ball, Football and Cricket. Additionally children are been taken to different amusements and parks of the city on monthly and fortnightly basis. Picnics are also arranged occasionally.

6. Filtered Water Coolers:

watercoolerTwo water coolers with filters are installed on the campus to cater the drinking water need for the children.

6. Standby Generator:

standbygeneratorDue to prevailing power shortage in the country, a standby generator has been installed to avoid disturbance and inconvenience in the routine.