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Ethical And Islamic Grooming Of Orphan And Abandoned Children Is Considered As A Key Area Of Concern At Mawaa Orphanage. To Instill Good Moral Character And Noble Traditions In The Children, Mawaa Orphanage Maintains Islamic And Ethical Practices And Shariah Compliant Environment At The Campus.

Our Wardens (The Guardians Of Orphan And Abandoned Children At Campus) Are Qualified In Both Contemporary And Islamic Education To Ensure Proper Grooming And Training Of Our Children On Islamic And Moral Values 24/7.

Children Are Being Taught About The Islamic Way Of Purity (Tahara), Self-Hygiene, Cleanliness Of Beddings And Wardrobes And Environmental Hygiene. They Are Also Being Trained On Behaviors And Disciplines To Maintain Friendly And Respectful Relationships Between Themselves And With Guardians And Elders.

Mawaa Orphanage Also Arranges Religious & Motivational Speeches At The Campus Occasionally By Inviting The Famous Public Speakers. Elder Children Are Also Being Taken To The Public Speeches Occasionally To Provide Them With The Opportunity To Learn In Changed Environment Which Enhances Their Exposure To The Outside World.

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